I see beauty where most people don't. Where you see gray, I see a world of colors. That's my super power!

I live in Finland, a Nordic country right by the Arctic Circle (yes, that’s where Santa lives!) where winters are long and dark and summers are short and sweet. In fact, most summer days are spent waiting for that real summer to arrive…

I used to live only for those three short summer months. Before summer even ended, I already started waiting for next summer. If I was lucky there was a holiday trip I could look forward to during winter. I literally counted the days. Sounds familiar?

The problem with living life this way, are all the days you spend waiting for something else. Days without meaning. Time wasted.

I don’t even recall what triggered the change, however, one day I realized that it’s in my power to put meaning into every day of my life. My life is my responsibility and it is up to me to do the best I can with the time I am given. Then and there I decided to do something I love every day.

Since that day my art business started moving forwards. When looking at the world around me with loving eyes I started to see beauty everywhere. Even in winter!  I have realized that mindset and daily disciplines make all the difference. Nowadays I embrace every day and the possibilities it brings me.

Heidi Hjort "Gentle Breeze" oil on canvas 40x40 cm (690 €)

:: When you begin to see the beauty in your everyday places, you’ve found yourself a endless source of happiness. And best of all, it’s free! ::

I love portraiture. I am especially fascinated by children’s portraits. Capturing a child’s softness and innocence is quite a challenge and to do it successfully requires years of practice. If you like what your seeing on this website and there is a special someone you would like to immortalize in a portrait, don’t hesitate to reach out! Send me an email at hjort.heidi@gmail.com


Portrait by Heidi Hjort "Little Z", Vaasa Finland 2015

Besides being an artist I am also an architect, a wife and a mom to two beautiful sons. My adorable cat Lucy thinks she’s royal and she is my most faithful studio buddy.


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"I paint the beauty of the ordinary. The sort of beauty most people are only dimly aware of, or don’t notice altogether. The impermanence of nature's beauty fascinates me. In a moment everything will look different and I want to capture the moment before it slips away. 

I paint with oil over an acrylic underpainting. The tonal underpainting is a key element. It sets the overall mood of the painting and gives a sense of unity to the finished piece. 

I intentionally leave 'breathing holes' in my oil layers, where I let the underpainting peek through. This gives my paintings a fresh look and reveals how the piece was constructed. My technique developed in reaction to earlier pieces, which I felt ended up too tidy and overworked. 

My art reflects a deep appreciation for the beauty I find in my everyday places. Appreciation is contagious. I want my art to bring this quiet beauty to a more conscious part of my viewer’s mind. To lift their spirits and inspire them to discover the magic in their own backyard."

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Heidi Hjort works mainly in oil. Her paintings convey an appreciative and sunny view of Nordic nature with its four distinct seasons. Her ability to see beauty where many people see nothing, is a key asset in her creative process.

Using a technique where a messy acrylic underpainting peeks through her painterly brushwork in oils, Heidi’s work give the impression of being slightly unfinished. This technique was developed in reaction to earlier pieces, which she felt ended up too tidy and overworked.

In addition to her Nordic Landscapes, she is also a devoted Portrait Artist. Her sensitive Child Portraits have been much appreciated.

She studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Vaasa. A student exchange program took her all the way to Tokyo, Japan, where she discovered the Japanese aesthetic of treasuring the beauty of simple everyday things. This spirit still defines and inspires her art today.

Heidi Hjort has had a number of solo exhibitions in Vaasa, Korsholm, Ylihärmä, Närpes, Kristinestad, and most recently in Uusikaupunki in southern Finland. She has also participated in numerous group shows and juried exhibitions.

Her artwork is in private collections in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In addition to her official website heidihjort.com, you can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram.

Heidi Hjort was born in 1975 in Vaasa, on the west coast of Finland, where she still resides.

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