“Tirilalli” is the name of a certain gipsy dance and the title of this painting. The painting was commissioned by a dancer to celebrate her hobby. Oil on canvas panel 30×40 cm. Heidi Hjort, Finland 2016.

Imagine owning an original painting made by your favorite artist especially for You.
Imagine that painting being a result of the two of you working together.

In addition to the joy you get simply from living with the art, you also cherish the memory of close cooperation with the and the artist, sharing the process.

Imagine how fun it would be to tell your family and friends about the magical feeling of seeing your ideas come to life as a stunning piece of art.

— ◊ —

Now before you dismiss this as a real possibility for you, let me guess what’s going through your mind:

♦ You have this really cool idea for a painting, but you're not quite sure that you will be able to explain it to the artist.
♦ You have a space on your wall that's calling for a painting and you really love the style of this artist, but you're about as empty for ideas as the wall space itself.

♦ You already own a special painting that is begging for company...but you have no idea what that would be.

♦ You are not a big fan of the current print trend, because you want to live with art that you feel a connection with. So far you haven't really found a piece that speaks to you, so you're thinking of having something made especially for you.
— ◊ —

We can do this ….even if you have no idea where to start.

Not all artists do commission work. Let’s be honest, it can be a real challenge. Often times the artist has to make compromises and not every artist is prepared to do that.

Me? I actually enjoy the ride.

I love the fact that my work takes an unexpected path. This is how my clients wishes are woven into my work. The end result is often as surprising to me as it is to my clients.

I’m a good listener. You think you don’t know what you’re looking for, but I know exactly the right questions to ask so that you can give me the information I need. I will come up with ideas based on your answers.

My eyes are well developed for color and beauty. That’s why I am able to do very versatile subjects; everything from still lifes and landscapes to figures and portraits.


Here are some ideas to get you started…

♣ Do you have a hobby that you’d like to celebrate with a painting? The top picture that was commissioned by a dancer to celebrate her hobby.

♣ Do you have a favorite flower or an object that has a special place in your heart?

♣ A Pet Portrait

♣ A House Portrait

♣ A Wedding Portrait (image below, scroll down!)

♣ A special place. Maybe the view from your summer cottage that you want to be able to enjoy all year.

♣ A certain color scheme. You already own a painting and you need something to complement it.

♣ A painting for a special space. The still life below was made for my client’s kitchen. She wanted a food related still life in a cool color scheme.

♣ A personalized still life can be almost like a portrait if you choose objects and a theme that is true to you.


This still life was made for my client’s kitchen. She wanted it to be food related and the colors to be mainly cool. Oil on canvas, 55×46 cm. Heidi Hjort, Finland 2016.

“The Sparrow”, oil on canvas 20×20 cm. Heidi Hjort, Finland 2016. This piece was designed to complement a larger painting that my client already owned. The wall was big enough for an additional two small pieces, “The Sparrow” was one of them and the other one “Mayweed” is right below. 

“Mayweed” oil on canvas 20×20 cm. Heidi Hjort, Finland 2016. This is the second piece that I made to complement a larger painting that my client already owned. Now they have a well balanced and harmonious setup over the sofa giving their sitting room a sense of the quiet beauty of our local nature. 

“Love is in the Air” oil on canvas 30×40 cm, 2017. A Wedding Portrait is a perfect gift for someone who’s already got everything. If you only have a black and white photo, no problem! It will look amazing as a monochrome in beige/gray/white.

— ◊ —

But you don’t need to take my word for it. Here’s what my clients are saying:

“In addition to being an expert in her field, Heidi is a very openhearted and friendly person and she was a joy to work with. It was exciting to see her view on my subject and I liked the fact that I could participate in the process and influence the end result. I love my painting with its vibrant colors and it reminds me of very special moments.” ~ Raili Bertell


OK I’m about 90% in. How do I know we are a good fit? 

No single offer is right for everyone. I want to make sure that this is right for YOU.
If you can say a big YES to the points below, then you’re exactly the client I’d love to work with:

♥ You have enjoyed seeing my paintings live or online and you would love to see what I could do of Your subject.

♥ You have some sort of idea of what it is you want and you'd rather trust me with the rest

♥ A painting you already own needs company but you have no idea what the subject would be. You love my painting style and want to start a conversation.

♥ You like to present your ideas but you prefer the Artist to have the final say because of her expertise.
— ◊ —

We are NOT a good fit if:

⊗ You want the painting to look exactly like a photo reference and you're thinking maybe you should get a big print of the photo instead. Then by all means, go get the print!

⊗ You know exactly what the finished painting should look like and you are not sure that the Artist is going to get it.

⊗ The painting style you're looking for is different than my current painting style.
— ◊ —

Other options to consider

  1. Buy a framed print. Not as unique, but it is really trendy right now.
  2. Commission work with a more affordable artist, if you feel you’ll get the same value.
  3. Go to a flea market and buy a painting, if you find one that speaks to you.
  4. Buy a mass produced IKEA painting or the like if you don’t mind being one in a crowd.
— ◊ —

Still with me? Then let’s do this! Shoot me an email right away and let’s have a conversation hjort.heidi@gmail.com

— ◊ —