Detail of a larger work "Floral Rhapsody" by Heidi HjortHeidi Hjort’s sensitive oil paintings about Beauty & Impermanence inspire us to be joyful in each moment. Today will never come again! 

Every day is a gift.
What we do today matters the most.

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"I see beauty where most people don't. 
Where you see gray, I see a world of colors. 
That's my super power!"

I’m an oil painter from Vaasa, Finland. My art is about Everyday Beauty as I believe that the mundane and the sacred are one and the same. I’m fascinated by impermanence and how everything is in constant change. It’s an incredible reminder of how short life is and great reason to live each day to the fullest.

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November Meadow Oil Painting on Canvas

“Every day of every season and every ten minutes of the day have their own inspiration,
their own peculiar appeal.”

– John F Carlson

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Heidi Hjort "Bouquet in Cerise" oil on canvas panel 30x40 cm (450 €)Beauty and Impermanence is a bitter sweet combination that come forth when painting flowers. Without Impermanence the flower would lose some of its preciousness.

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“In addition to being an expert in her field, Heidi is a very openhearted and friendly person and she was a joy to work with. It was exciting to see her view on my subject and I liked the fact that I could participate in the process and influence the end result. I love my painting with its vibrant colors and it reminds me of very special moments.” ~ Raili Bertell

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“Heidi relieved me of a burden I’ve been carrying for almost 40 years. When my oldest son was a child I made a pencil portrait of him, but I never did one of his little brother. When I became a grandmother, my sons asked me when I was going to paint portraits of my grandchildren. “Oh well, when I get time…”

Having seen a couple of Heidi’s portraits I decided to get in touch and I felt a huge relief when she took on my commission. It was an exciting time and I remember being extremely curious about the outcome.

I especially appreciated that she sent me photos of the work in progress and that I was given the opportunity to comment on what I saw. Absolutely loved meeting over coffee and talking about art. It felt like we’ve known each other forever.

Heidi is an outstanding Portrait Artist who does everything in her power to make her clients happy!” ~Anita Lundström

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